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Daniel Sanchez

DANIEL SANCHEZ – In 1986, Mr. Sanchez received an undergraduate degree in Art History, with a minor in Philosophy. In 1990, he received his J.D. from Boston University School of Law. In 2012, he earned his graduate degree in tax law (LL.M.) from Temple University School of Law. From 1990 to 2020, he engaged in the private practice of law, representing individual and business clients in a variety of non-litigation areas. He has served as a member of the Board of Ethics of the City of Stamford, CT. Mr. Sanchez has been a director of Liberty Global since March 2022, and a director of Liberty Latin America since December 2019 (where he chairs the Nominating and Governance Committee). He was a director of Starz from January 2013 until December 2016, when it merged with Lionsgate Entertainment Corp. He remained on the Lionsgate board and served on its Audit Committee until 2021. He was a common stock director of Discovery from May 2017 to April 2022, where he served on the Finance Committee.


Mr. Sanchez is a principle founder of Golden Keel, which pursues projects in the areas of entertainment and its intersection with technology. He is a member of the Development Committee of the Board of the Smithsonian Museum of the American Latino; and was a 2022 Fellow of Latinos for Education.

Lawrence Meli

LAWRENCE MELI – Mr. Meli has extensive leadership experience in the cable TV industry, having launched and built numerous cable networks. He served as President and Chief Operating Officer of American life TV Network, where he doubled subscribership and substantially increased revenue. Prior to American life TV, he was Senior Vice President at National Geographic Channels Worldwide, where he helped lead the network’s launch in fifty-six countries, reaching over fifty million subscribers.


Mr. Meli is a principle founder of Golden Keel, which pursues projects in the areas of entertainment and its intersection with technology.

Mark has over 30 years of experience in the music business, where he’s guided the careers of domestic and international acts and personalities.

He is extremely sought after to break young artists out on the music scene worldwide.

In addition, he was associated with the Broadway show Rock-of-Ages where he created and coordinated all Broadway entertainment events for this production.

He was recruited by Polestar Pictures eight years ago, placing his artist's original music in several of Polestar’s projects as well as securing acting roles for many of his artists and other talents.

His years in the Entertainment business are heightened by being a CEO in corporate America and being a former professional football player. He brings a "Team" mentality to make any corporation highly successful.  

John Reign

POLESTAR  founder, John Reign, has a rich history in the entertainment industry that spans four decades. A true veteran, his expertise lies both as a performer and an award-winning filmmaker. This skill set allows him to communicate efficiently and effectively to both his cast and crew.


For those Elvis fans out there, John first broke out under the MCA Records banner, as one of the very first Elvis impersonators, where he toured the west coast of the United States with the backing of a full band, singers, and dancers.


He was also one of the youngest magicians of the prestigious Magic Castle here in Los Angeles, California. He is an expert in close-up and stage magic and was a world-renowned escape artist performing nationwide for many years while designing illusions for Doug Henning. These skills also translate to the silver screen allowing him to be a cutting-edge filmmaker.


He has directed for FOX TV and PBS, all while promoting large-scale concert events with Azula Rocks and Nightlife Promotions.


In addition, John has directed and written dozens of feature films, TV productions, and children’s programming, such as Grimmet’s Magic Forest. Grimmet’s Magic Forest is based on the children’s book, What’s a Grimmet, authored by John.


A true pioneer, master model maker, and effects talent, John brings these skills and displays them on screen, making him a stand-alone in the low-cost magic of filmmaking and takes great pride and pleasure in entertaining his audiences domestically and abroad.

10767897184_IMG_8836 (3).jpg

Producer, writer, and actor Joe Sabatino has been a television and

film veteran for the past 30 years.

Having amassed well over 100 television and film acting credits,

he moved to the other side of the camera more than a decade ago.

As a co-executive producer of Necessary Roughness, a television

series he sold to the USA television network while creating strategic partnerships with Sony Television and Universal Studios. His lead actor Callie Thorne was nominated for a Golden Globe. In addition, he and his team were winners of the prestigious Voice awards.

Presently, he is in development with one of the world's most sought-after computer hackers, creating a reality show that will expose cybercriminals worldwide.

He is humbled to join the outstanding management team here at Polestar Pictures, where he looks to create and produce groundbreaking independent feature films.

Executive Assistant
To The President
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