Director John Reign.  He’s one of those visionaries that can take a small budget and still manifest it into a well-orchestrated and credible piece of cinematography.  John has recently received offers for distribution for his film, Finding Purpose.  The second part of Finding Purpose: Road To Redemption just earned the award for Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Silver Screen Festival.  

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Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption is the story of a Bosnia war veteran, John Kayhil, trying to overcome the effects of PTSD brought on from losing his comrades in the war. He, his wife, and mentally disabled brother embark on a cross country journey with an old sidecar motorcycle. The Motorcycle was left to John by a close war buddy, who tragically died of a heart attack.  John visits different families of his fallen veteran brothers, all in an attempt to bring closure for them and for himself. The final stop of their journey is to reunite with John’s daughter, whom he hasn’t seen since she was a baby. Follow our trio through this epic adventure of pitfalls and triumphs as they travel the highways helping  John find his road to redemption. This wonderful film may just inspire you on your own journey through life.

FINDING PURPOSE: The Road To Redemption Trailer

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