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Snuff...Diary Of A Serial Killer Hits AMAZON PRIME!

AUGUST 4th 2016 
and starring John Reign has been picked up for distribution with a viewing potential of 60,000,000 ! the film,originally entitled Ned...Chronicles of a serial killer was changed by  to attract a more specific audience base.,The film starts out like a 'Paranormal Activity' clone with some SERIOUSLY SCARY moments (including a single scary shot that is really haunting) but eventually turns into a series of nasty serial killings recorded on video. The entire movie is shot in POV and it's about a guy who is trying to get evidence of a haunting in this creepy house., 
This marks John Reigns debut as a film maker and Director. John won't lie to you...he claims this to be his worst film ever...but leaves it up... to show everyone how far he has come...:)


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