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John Wolf, formerly an esteemed anthropologist, lives as a recluse, after the tragic deaths of his wife and young daughter. Once highly sought for his insight on ancient cultures, he now lives as a hermit in the country house once owned by his parents. He spends his days in solitude, except for the occasional visit of his good friends Edward Haims and Father Shore. Forces of good and evil have been lurking in the forest behind his home. Killian Mcintosh, a vampire hunter, is on the prowl. He has discovered a lair of vampires, descendants of the original undead King in the area surrounding John's home. A confrontation ensues and during the fight, one of the vampires gets seriously injured and takes flight. The sun has already begun to rise, forcing her to stay protected in the shadows, for the sun is her destroyer. She is now trapped and wounded, finding refuge in a sliver of shade behind an old shed in John's yard. John happens upon her, immediately fascinated and smitten by the vampire's beauty. She's now too weak and damaged to do anything, except succumb to the stranger's help. John takes the unholy being into his home. What will happen when a mere mortal gives shelter to a creature of the night? Still being hunted by humans, she is also pursued by others of her own kind - including the father vampire, Niles Uldin, who wants her as his very own. Directed By JOHN REIGN

Written by John Reign with re-writes by Geno Blair & Tom Stoops

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